Modernising electricity in Albania

In 2016 the EBRD supported the modernisation of Korporata Elektroenergjitike Shqiptare (KESH), the largest generator of electricity in Albania, with a €218 million loan to support a company restructuring and reform package.
KESH is a state-owned electricity generation company that provides 70 per cent of total domestic generation and is active in the regional energy-generating sector.

Helping KESH modernise and improve its financial standing, as well as building resilience in the face of climate vulnerabilities, is part of the EBRD’s strategy to help address the challenges of energy security and climate change.
A comprehensive reform package will allow KESH to comply with the requirements of relevant EU regulations in the energy sector. These provisions include the development of a power exchange, regional integration and tariff formation.

The EBRD is also providing technical assistance from its own donor funds to help KESH implement climate resilience components in its daily operations and management.

SECTOR: Power and energy

EBRD INVESTMENT: €218 million

OTHER BENEFITS: Enhanced climate resilience