Green buses in Kazakhstan

In August 2016, 50 clean, modern and accessible buses arrived in the city of Kyzylorda, raising the quality of local transport for thousands of citizens in this major regional centre in southern Kazakhstan.

This was the first delivery of buses under an EBRD project that will ultimately finance a total of 92 new buses and reform the city’s public transport system.

The introduction of these buses will tangibly improve citizen’s lives, making the air cleaner, journeys more pleasant and buses more accessible to people in wheelchairs and to parents with prams. This project also ensures a reform of the city’s transport system to improve cooperation between the municipal transport company and private sector operators, which will make services more reliable.

In Kyzylorda, the EBRD has financed, or expressed interest in financing, a wide range of public utilities, from water and wastewater to district heating, solid waste, street lighting and transport. Close cooperation with the authorities on vital upgrades – combined with reform – is a model we use for regional development here in Kyzylorda and in other cities in Kazakhstan.

Sector: Transport

EBRD investment: US$ 18.8 million