Erdemir steel energy efficiency

In 2016 the EBRD extended a €75 million loan to the steelmakers Erdemir and Isdemir, both part of Erdemir Group, the largest steel producer in Turkey.

Steel production is known for its high energy intensity. However, sophisticated high-tech equipment can lead to significant reductions in energy use. Therefore, the EBRD loan will finance a comprehensive investment programme that will help the companies make the most effective use of resources in manufacturing processes at their two plants in Ereğli and İskenderun.

The companies will invest in blast-furnace top-pressure recovery turbines, a state-of-the-art technology which uses high-pressure gases collected at blast furnaces to generate electricity.

With a liquid steel production capacity of 9.1 million tonnes per year, Erdemir and Isdemir strive to adopt best practices to fully reuse gases and waste heat from the steel-manufacturing processes. They also plan to upgrade energy management systems and extract valuable by-products from industrial waste.

SECTOR: Manufacturing and Services

EBRD INVESTMENT: €75 million

OTHER BENEFITS: Increased low carbon industrial processes; increased recycling manufacturing waste